Arrested “Suzume” producer makes confession

After “Suzume” producer Kouichirou Itou was arrested a few weeks ago on suspicion of sexual abuse of minors in several cases, he has now named the number of his victims in his confession. We summarize the details below.

Over 20 underage victims

Initial investigations into the possession of child pornography very quickly developed into shocking suspicions of sexual abuse of minors. Itou was accused of paying a 15-year-old girl for sexual favors, knowing that the victim was a minor. He confessed to the crime, but that was not all.

According to the investigators, Itou admitted in a comprehensive confession that he had met at least 20 underage girls via social networks and paid them for sexual favors, which often ended in sexual intercourse. He is even said to have repeatedly visited one victim over a period of two years and paid for intercourse.

Most of his acts, which took place either in his own home or in hotels, were also recorded with photos or videos on his smartphone. Using this media, the police would also have been able to identify several of his victims. Itou has been in custody since the investigation began. We will let you know as soon as a verdict is announced.

Japan has been struggling with rapidly increasing cases of child abuse for years, which was also due to the legal situation. Only since June 2023 has sexual intercourse with children and young people under the age of 16 been prohibited and severely punished. Previously, children were considered “sexually mature” from the age of 14 and even if the act with an adult was considered lewd, it was not prohibited per se.

Via Asahi

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