“Greatest Alchemist” gets anime adaptation + teaser

With the opening of an official website, it was announced that the fantasy novel “Possibly the Greatest Alchemist of All Time” (Japanese: “Izure Saikyou no Renkinjutsushi?”) will receive an anime adaptation that will start on Japanese television in January 2025. You can find a first teaser below.

Anime is being produced by Comet

“Possibly the Greatest Alchemist of All Time” is being created under the direction of Naoyuki Kuzuya (“Sweet Reincarnation”) at Studio Comet. Mitsutaka Hirota (“Raeliana”) is composing the series, while Sayaka Anezaki (key animator on “My Dress-Up Darling”) is creating the character design.

The Japanese voice cast includes Shougo Sakata (Aki Hayakawa in “Chainsaw Man”) as Takumi Iruma and Ai Kayano (Shiro in “No Game No Life”) as Sofia Sylphid. Nao Touyama (Tomoe Koga in “Rascal Does Not Dream”) voices the character Maria.

The original light novel of the same name was written by Kogitsunemaru and has been published since August 2017 with illustrations by Hitogome. A manga adaptation by Tarou Sasakama, which is also available in English, has been published in “Alpha Polis” magazine since August 2018.




Takumi Iruma is accidentally summoned to another world. As compensation for the mix-up, a goddess offers him the right to choose any ability he wishes!

Hoping for a peaceful life that has nothing to do with fighting, he chooses a seemingly boring creation ability. However, it turns out that “Alchemy” is the most powerful option he could have chosen.

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