Civil servant attacks colleague after “Oshi no Ko” spoiler

In Kyoto, a civil servant became violent after being spoiled the plot of “Oshi no Ko” by a colleague. We summarize the details below.

Spoilers were followed by kicks

The curious incident occurred back on February 1, 2024 at the Uji branch of the Kyoto District Legal Affairs Bureau. Two officials in their fifties were discussing, among other things, the anime adaptation of the extremely popular manga series “Oshi no Ko”.

According to the police report, one of the two officers is said to have blabbed about future developments in the manga during the course of the conversation, which visibly excited his counterpart. As a result, the apparently high-ranking officer grabbed his colleague by the collar and kicked him in the hip – accompanied by the words “I don’t want to hear any spoilers!”.

Although the injured party did not sustain any injuries, he filed a complaint with the Uji police station and the perpetrator is now facing criminal proceedings for assault. After appropriate investigations and witness interviews, the case was finally handed over to the responsible public prosecutor’s office on April 30, 2024. It remains to be seen whether the case will go to trial.

The eleven-part first season of “Oshi no Ko” is available on demand in the original Japanese with subtitles on aniverse and AKIBA PASS TV. A disc release will start in June 2024 from publisher peppermint anime. The premiere of the second season has been announced for July 2024.

Via Mainichi Shimbun

OSHI NO KO: © 2020 by Aka Akasaka, Mengo Yokoyari / SHUEISHA Inc.

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