Fantasy manga “Tougen Anki” receives anime adaptation

The opening of an official website today revealed that the fantasy manga series “Tougen Anki: Legend of the Cursed Blood” will soon be receiving an anime adaptation. You can watch a first teaser below in this article.

Launch next year

All that is known so far is that the anime adaptation is a TV series that will start on Japanese television next year and that the main roles will be played by Kazuki Ura (Yoichi Isagi in “Blue Lock”) as Shiki Ichinose and Hiroshi Kamiya (Levi in “Attack on Titan”) as Naito Mudano. Koutarou Nishiyama (Kouji in “My Happy Marriage”) voices Jin Kougasaki.

Further details, such as the people involved in the production or a specific date for the broadcast, are still pending. As usual, we will of course keep you up to date as soon as we can find out more.

The original manga series of the same name was written by Yura Urushibara and has been published in the “Weekly Shonen Champion” magazine in Japan since June 2020.




Shiki Ichinose has Oni blood in him, and his father is a Momotarou. Normally, people with Momotarou blood hunt the Oni, but Shiki’s father refused to kill him as an infant.

Instead, he adopted Shiki and raised him despite his rebellious attitude and dangerous oni temperament. When a member of the Momotarou Agency kills Shiki’s father, he vows to avenge him. But will he be strong enough to survive the dangers that await him…?

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